snatiation reflex

Snatiation reflex

Snatiation is a poorly understood medical disorder characterized by uncontrollable bursts of sneezing brought on by fullness of the stomach and typically observed in sufferers immediately after a large meal. Snatiation reflex was first described by was first described by Ahmad Teebi and Qasem Al-Saleh 1. Snatiation reflex is thought to be passed along genetically as an autosomal dominant trait 1. The term “snatiation” was coined by Judith G. Hall, in a humorous letter in the Journal of Medical Genetics, is a backronym (an acronym deliberately formed from a phrase whose initial letters spell out a particular word or words, either to create a memorable name or as a fanciful explanation of a word’s origin) created from a portmanteau (word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others) of the words “sneeze” and “satiation”. Snatiation stands for Sneezing Non-controllably At a Time of Indulgence of the Appetite—a Trait Inherited and Ordained to be Named, that  2.

Snatiation causes

Snatiation is a poorly understood condition with unknown cause and pathophysiology.

Snatiation treatment

At the present time due to the lack of research and understanding of the snatiation reflex, no treatment has ever been reported.

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